The Best Film Transfers to Digital Media - Portland, OR

Digital Film Transfers

Welcome to the best film transfer services in Portland, OR. We transfer film for museums, television stations, film schools, libraries, government, and many families.

Film Formats

  • Standard 8mm (silent, magnetic sound)
  • Super 8mm (silent, magnetic sound)
  • 16mm (silent, magnetic or optical sound)
  • 35mm (silent or optical sound)


  • Based on .12 per film foot under 1000'
  • .10 per film foot over 1000'

DVD Copies

  • $12.50 for the first, up to 2 hours long
  • $7.50 for additional copies

Additional Services

  • Download to your Hard Drive
  • Make Quicktime files for your computer
  • Record images directly to SDHC cards
  • 1080/24p High Definition capabilities
  • MPEG-4 AVCHD formats on SDHC cards

50 Years of Film Experience

This is the place to have your home movies or other films done. All film is cleaned, new leaders added if necessary, and repaired at no additional expense. There is a nominal charge for extensive repairs. All film is transferred by us, on site. Nothing is sent to sub-contractors.

Our equipment matches the highest standards. Images are directly transferred into a digital recording system. We love film and are dedicated to restoring and preserving your irreplaceable images. Millions of feet have been transferred for museums, schools, universities and families.

All film is transferred at the original speed of film playback.

Your Film is Cared For

We offer Filmrenew, a "wet gate" dirt and scratch removal service for older films. This is done during the transfer and removes most abrasions and dirt.

Film is refurbished with new leaders, splices repaired and broken film mended properly. We have professional equipment to handle all film formats.

Nothing comes close to our experience in the care and handling of motion picture film. Fifty years of film editing, photography and archiving gives us the complete range of professional services.

Special Discounts for Veterans